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Mobility is always in demand - Everywhere and Anytime – boundless and creative! This is our field of expertise - especially today, when plot of land and energy prices are rising.

From individual luxury caravans to special caravans for countless applications. Cocoon Group stands for "Excellence in Mobility" and focuses on the creation of unique mobility solutions, from towable mobile homes, mobile offices etc., and ending with self-driving mobile labs for NASA needs on other planets.

The brand Cocoon Group - a synonym for unique design mobile homes - represents the best in Latvian engineering.

We offers you opportunity to come on board as a shareholder in our exciting company. Join us on the road to success; we look forward to hearing from you. For more information contact: contact us.


The criteria we have met so far

We are a  company with the potential to build sustainable and successful businesses. Simply put, we are looking for investors with a solid ambitions to whom we can proof our concept of business and we can maximize potential to  made the world much better. 

  1. Management Team
    We made company that are driven by an energetic, talented team of founders and advisers. Our track record is because of successful performance and leadership and a passionate commitment to our vision.
  2. Market Opportunity
    We are are focused on a large market opportunity with sufficient untapped potential. Our business strategy reflects a realistic approach to its potential to capture a significant share of our target market.
  3. Proof of Concept
    Our venture has progressed beyond product proof-of-concept to clearly demonstrate our feasibility. A potential parts supplier, for example, will have progressed beyond early prototype to development of a production design.
  4. Proprietary Assets
    We are able to demonstrate the competitive advantage of our core value proposition. The company owns the intellectual property and processes that differentiate it from its competitors.
  5. Rapid Growth Potential
    Our company is adaptable to business design with stable prospects for rapid growth. Our company has a clear strategy for efficient management of profit and revenue sources.
  6. Market Differentiation
    We are working to toward compelling and defendable market differentiation. Our company will be focused on developing a strong business presence and establishing clear dominance in our market.
  7. Know Your Customer
    We are pursuing marketing and sales strategies based on a keen understanding of our customer base. We know who our customers are, what there needs are, and how to reach them.
  8. Realistic Financials
    We are very realistic about our financing plan to fund growth toward profitability. Our venture have a clear, actionable plan and a realistic forecast of revenue projections under different conditions to predict likely outcomes.
  9. Exit Strategy
    Our venture will be open to an exit strategy that provides strong returns. Because early-stage investment has a significant level of risk, we are thinking to a promising return within a defined period, with a clearly defined exit strategy.